Who We Are

Located in Stuart Florida, EAC Corporation was formed in January of 1991 by Keith and Diane Berkholtz. EAC Corporation’s main goal is to supply low cost quality raw materials to the specialty steel and foundry markets worldwide. Since its inception EAC Corporation has become one of the leading suppliers of Primary Metals, Ferro Alloys and High Temperature Revert primarily for steel and iron melting purposes. EAC Corporation is a family run business stressing quality and customer service in everything we do.

EAC Corporation has aligned itself with large international merchants and alloy producers worldwide to ensure a secure source of supply for all markets, both domestic and worldwide. All materials are stored in public warehousing facilities primarily in Rotterdam BV, Baltimore MD, Pittsburgh PA, Chicago IL, Birmingham AL, Milwaukee WI, and Houston TX.

Keith Berkholtz has over thirty years of metals trading experience. He has held various positions ranging from Stainless Scrap Sales to International Alloy Trading.

Christian Berkholtz joined EAC Corporation in 1997 and today is in charge of Sales and Marketing Worldwide.